“Thank you Vicki for a great workshop! It was a pleasure to attend and always fun to learn from you and everyone else! I look forward to attending more workshops down the road!”

“Thank you Vicki! You organize such a unique opportunity. I have learned so much from you.”

“I had the privilege to attend a Workshop on a Ranch in Fort Davis photographing a day in the life of a cowboy. I met some great folks and will never forget it. I extend a big thank you to our instructor, Vicki LeBlanc, for her hard work and making this possible.”

“I had a fantastic time and hope to do another trip with you. Such a great experience and opportunity.”

“The workshop is run so well and got so many great shots. Thank you for everything.”

“Shooting on the Kokernot o6 Ranch is an experience any serious Texas photographer needs to have! 🙂 Vicki organizes the shoot down to the last detail, and by limiting the group size to 10, you’re never in someone else’s shot! Highly recommend.”

“Thanks again for the awesome workshop!”

“Authenticity of the setting and the cowboys and cowgirl involved. The working hands were awesome and added so much to the setting. The history provided was terrific and stirred a variety of questions by the participants. All should be reminded the setting is a working ranch: thus the excitement will definitely occur. Again, the setting was perfect.”

“This one was worth the money. Every promise was met, and the group blended beautifully. The location was perfect for this type of shooting and I am very happy with my images! A unique opportunity to be on a real working ranch.”

“The experience is awesome. I learned several new things from the photographers and Nikon techs that were there. This has been the case with each of these workshops I have attended.”

“Being as I have been to every one of these workshops, I try to focus on something different with each experience. My desire is to see different things and get a different perspective with each visit. This has not been difficult because this is a real life experience. It also teaches us as photographers to be on our toes. Life is happening all around us.”

“Excellent. A meeting of the minds…everyone contributed to the learning process. We all shoot at different levels, but you can always learn something new from the other in the group.”

“Vicki, thank you. I had a wonderful time and relive the fine memories every time I view images captured there. I highly recommend it. Great fun and the chance to photograph the cowboy operations on this very large private ranch.”

“I highly recommend this workshop. I went on an earlier workshop at the 06 Ranch organized by Vicki LeBlanc and had great fun plus was able to capture western images during the exclusive access to the historic ranch.”

“What a great experience and my photography has jumped up to a new and improved level! Wonderful to be around a good group to share with. A new spark has been lit. Thank you so much!!!!”